The Bootstrap Freedom Project

The World is Changing - Fast!

AI fuelled automation, financial crises and pandemics are putting the security of our current lifestyles in doubt.

For most people, their working life dictates their lifestyle. Living near the office or spending hours commuting. They have a fixed working week with overtime and set holiday entitlement.

That can feel comfortable, but how resilient is it in an uncertain world?

Involuntary Freedom

Do you want a new way to look at your relationship with the world of work, business and recreation?

Even if you’re qualified and you’ve got a good job, the new era is giving many good people what can euphemistically be called “involuntary freedom”.

If you have investors or a good credit rating, and a crowd of customers lining up to throw money at you then starting your own business may seem like an attractive option.

But what if you don’t have that option?


You don’t need huge amounts of investment capital to start a successful business.

Of course it does depend on what you’ve got in mind because it may take a while to save up for that 737 to get your airline off the ground!

There’s a better way to look at building a business to support your lifestyle.

You can open up your strategy to include multiple sources of income and networking opportunities. These may be outside the tight confines of your eventual product or service niche, but if you broaden your appeal, you can build a self-sustaining resilient business.

Bootstrap Freedom

This is a resource for those who yearn for the freedom of an independent lifestyle. You may just want a side hustle or suddenly find yourself with “involuntary freedom”.

We’ve got you covered!

Are you creative? Everyone has some creativity buried within them.

Creativity isn’t that eureka moment that catapults you to the head of a multinational corporation.

It’s the daily exercise of considering the world and how you can make a real improvement in people’s lives.

If you open yourself up to learning about the world and its challenges you’ll quickly find ways to start exercising your creative muscles.

New ideas, new products, new services

Successful creators are not those with a unique or even the best skill. They’re the ones who find the best way to explain the value of their creations to a paying audience.

  • They build a community around themselves and their businesses.
  • They engage and collaborate with their community.
  • They understand the needs of their customers and are happy to sell them what they truly need or desire.
  • They exploit the latest technology to free themselves from fixed premises and the daily commute.

You don't need to build a big business

Build a small, strategically resourced business instead.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of creative enterprise.

They are lean and agile so they respond quickly to a changing environment.
Absorbing the bumps in the road is a breeze.

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